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Uses of DTDException in com.conradroche.matra

Methods in com.conradroche.matra that throw DTDException
 void Matra.parseDTDFiles(java.lang.String filename)
          Reads the list file and parses all the files mentioned in it.

Uses of DTDException in com.conradroche.matra.decl

Methods in com.conradroche.matra.decl that throw DTDException
 void Entity.resolveValue(java.util.Hashtable entityList)
          Insert the method's description here.

Constructors in com.conradroche.matra.decl that throw DTDException
Entity(java.lang.String content)
          Insert the method's description here.
Entity(java.lang.String content, java.util.Hashtable EntityList)
          Insert the method's description here.
ParameterEntity(java.lang.String content)
          ParameterEntity Constructor.
ParameterEntity(java.lang.String content, java.util.Hashtable EntityList)
          ParameterEntity Constructor.
ElementType(java.lang.String content)
          Insert the method's description here.
GeneralEntity(java.lang.String content)
          GeneralEntity Constructor.
GeneralEntity(java.lang.String content, java.util.Hashtable EntityList)
          GeneralEntity Constructor.

Uses of DTDException in com.conradroche.matra.dtdparser

Methods in com.conradroche.matra.dtdparser that throw DTDException
 DocType DTDParser.getDocType()
          Insert the method's description here.
 void DTDParser.parse(DTDSource dtdSrc)
          Insert the method's description here.
 void DTDParser.parse(java.lang.String dtdString)
          Insert the method's description here.

Uses of DTDException in com.conradroche.matra.exception

Subclasses of DTDException in com.conradroche.matra.exception
 class DTDSyntaxException
 class DuplicateDefinitionException
          CR: TODO: Add javadoc for DuplicateDefinitionException

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Methods in that throw DTDException
abstract  DTDData
          Method to perform the read operation on this source.
          Method to perform the read operation on this file source.
          Method to perform the read operation on this url source.

Uses of DTDException in com.conradroche.matra.tree

Constructors in com.conradroche.matra.tree that throw DTDException
DTDTree(DTDParser parser)
          DTDTree constructor comment.