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Uses of Class

Packages that use Entity

Uses of Entity in com.conradroche.matra.decl

Subclasses of Entity in com.conradroche.matra.decl
 class GeneralEntity
          Class to hold a General Entity declaration.
 class ParameterEntity
          Class to hold a parameter entity declaration.

Methods in com.conradroche.matra.decl that return Entity
 Entity DocType.getEntity(String entityName)
          Returns an entity with the specified name.
 Entity DocType.getParamEntity(String pEntityName)
          Returns the parameter entity with the specified name.

Methods in com.conradroche.matra.decl with parameters of type Entity
 void DocType.addEntity(Entity ent)
          Adds an entity.
 void DocType.addParamEntity(Entity ent)
          Adds a parameter entity.

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