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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ContentSpec

Uses of ContentSpec in com.conradroche.dtd.decl

Methods in com.conradroche.dtd.decl that return ContentSpec
 ContentSpec ElementDecl.getContentSpec()
          Returns the content spec for this element declaration.

Methods in com.conradroche.dtd.decl with parameters of type ContentSpec
 void ElementDecl.setContentSpec(ContentSpec contentSpec)
          Sets the content spec for this element declaration.

Uses of ContentSpec in com.conradroche.dtd.decl.elem

Subinterfaces of ContentSpec in com.conradroche.dtd.decl.elem
 interface ContentModel
          The ContentModel specifies a ContentSpec where the element contains only child elements.
 interface MixedContent
          Interface defining a Mixed Content.

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