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Uses of Interface

Packages that use ExternalID

Uses of ExternalID in com.conradroche.dtd.decl

Subinterfaces of ExternalID in com.conradroche.dtd.decl
 interface Entity
          Interface defining the Entity Declaration.
 interface GeneralEntity
          Interface to hold the declaration of a General Entity.
 interface Notation
          Interface to hold the Notation Declaration.
 interface ParameterEntity
          Interface to hold the declaration of a Parameter Entity.

Uses of ExternalID in com.conradroche.matra.decl

Classes in com.conradroche.matra.decl that implement ExternalID
 class Entity
          Class to hold an entity declaration.
(package private)  class com.conradroche.matra.decl.ExternalID
          Class to hold the external identified for the attribute or notation declaration.
 class GeneralEntity
          Class to hold a General Entity declaration.
 class Notation
          Class to hold the Notation declaration.
 class ParameterEntity
          Class to hold a parameter entity declaration.

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