Package com.conradroche.dtd.decl

Interface Summary
AttDef Interface to hold the Attribute definition.
AttlistDecl From the XML Specification [Section 3.3 Attribute-List Declarations] - [Definition: Attribute-list declarations specify the name, data type, and default value (if any) of each attribute associated with a given element type]
Comment Interface to hold a comment in the dtd.
ElementDecl From the XML Specifications [Section 3.2 Element Type Declarations] - The element structure of an XML document may, for validation purposes, be constrained using element type and attribute-list declarations.
Entity Interface defining the Entity Declaration.
ExternalID Interface to hold the ExternalID declaration used for Entity and Notation declarations.
GeneralEntity Interface to hold the declaration of a General Entity.
Notation Interface to hold the Notation Declaration
ParameterEntity Interface to hold the declaration of a Parameter Entity.