Matra: Sitemap

You may want to start with the Introduction to Matra.

The recent changes to the site are listed chronologically in the What's new page.

Matra: Releases

You can check the change history for the changes made in the various releases. The release notes for the various releases are also available online.

Matra: DTD Trees

Before reading any dtdtrees, read the article How to read a dtdtree.

And then check the sample dtdtrees with brief notes.

Here's a list of sample dtdtrees you can see online -

Matra: Javadoc

The javadocs for versions 0.7a and 0.8b are online.

Matra: UML Diagrams

I have placed the UML diagrams in SVG format. You may want to read an explanation of how I created the svg uml diagrams before seeing the diagrams.

Version 0.7a

Version 0.8b

Matra: Download

You can download the latest version of Matra at its sourceforge download site.

If you would like to browse the code online, you could do so.

Matra: Feedback

If you would like to give any feedback on the application, you can report bugs or ask for a feature request.

Matra: Sites

This project is hosted at Sourceforge. You can check this project at Sourceforge, Freshmeat, or at Advogato.

I also maintain a plog (project blog) for the project.

You may want to check my other projects - Kaprekar, Ganita and Charix.